Second Chance Deserves All the Chances

second chanceSo I wrote the post Give Second Chance a Second Chance after only watching the first episode, because I knew with the way critics were tearing it apart that most likely this series didn’t have much hope of surviving. And it is kind of at a tipping point. Even as I wrote that post though I did wonder how this show would make a realistic premise that could keep the old sheriff in action. The first episode made sense, the whole reason he got a second chance was because he was murdered, and so solving his own murder that happened to tie into the FBI’s cases was a great starting off point. It got him working with his son, FBI Agent Duval Pritchard, and had Duval curious exactly where this man came from.

The second episode was even better. Jimmy’s good humor about basically being a 70 year old man in a 30 year old body made it a great show to watch. With so many detective shows out there, these sly little parts helps make it stand apart. I mean yes, he’s basically our new Frankenstein, but while futuristic technology does play a big role in helping him not only stay alive, but solve crimes, it doesn’t eclipse the basics. Jimmy is a man enjoying a new chance at life in ways his first time in his prime didn’t even give him. And surprisingly, they gave another plausible reason for not only Jimmy, but Looking Glass to get involved in another crime. During the blackout caused by his being resurrected 2 murderers escaped from prison. They all felt responsible, and Jimmy gave them the push to jump in on the FBI case.

However, now it’s jumped into him just wheedling his way into Duval’s work. He’s able to use his history with people in that town through his years of being a policeman to help just as much as the technology that Looking Glass is able to provide. They even approached the mystery different, in that we know who it is as much as they do. It’s just the question of what choices are the people going to make as the story unfolds. Sometimes the suspense in watching this sort of show isn’t necessarily the question of who committed the crime, but how the people will play their parts. And I’m glad this show realizes that. Altogether, each episode gets better and better, and I’m already looking forward to next week.

And in case you didn’t know, it moved to Fridays. Don’t miss it!


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