Shift Out of Luck

Shift Out of Luck  by  Ruby Dixon   description:

There are few things that are off limits to the were-bears of Pine Falls, but humans are one of them. Which is a real pain, because I’ve had it bad for curvy Adelaide Laurent ever since she sashayed into town. The fact that she’s forbidden fruit just makes my fantasies all the sweeter.

But when she signs up to go on a weekend camping trip with the town’s biggest player, it’s time for a bear to step in and claim his mate.

I don’t care if it breaks the rules. She’s mine, and it’s time she knew it.

shiftBOOK 1: Shift Out of Luck   2 STARS

So I loved Dixon’s Ice Planet Barbarians series, and so of course I wanted to find more by her. This however didn’t live up to my expectations. In some part it was my fault, I didn’t realize this was a short story, and so it was over before it really began. More so, what bothered me is this whole thing is built up that humans are off limits. Except part of the time it seems like it’s really just Cole’s fear of hooking up with a human, and then it’ll act like there is actually a rule. So it felt like maybe the plot wasn’t fully ironed out like it needed to be. It was sweet and definitely sexxy, but after reading it I felt more let down than entertained. I guess I’ll just have to stick to my big blue barbarians.


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