The Gods of Mars

BOOK 1: A Princess of Mars  by  Edgar Rice Burroughs

The Gods of Mars   description:

1886. John Carter, forever 30, returns to Mars and again fights enemies with green Tars Tarka and red Kantos Kan. In ‘Heaven’, Golden Cliffs, ‘Goddess’ Issus, cannibal, claims immortal divinity and supremacy of black Omeans and white Therns, to enslave and eat pilgrims – green or red. John is trapped, as is wife Dejah Thoris, son Carthoris. To stay or leave means death.

gods of marsBOOK 2: The Gods of Mars   4 STARS

Definitely an interesting follow up from the first book. John Carter makes it back to Mars, but not the Mars he remembers. Entering “Heaven” he discovers the cruel lie both the green and red martians have been fed, leading them forever to their doom. It was nonstop adventure, one bad event after the next that leads John Carter to places no man had ever seen before and lived to tell others. All because nothing on 2 planets will stop John Carter from finding his Dejah Thoris, and it’s just the greatest romance I’ve ever read about. I love that Burroughs doesn’t do what so many do, drag out whether 2 people will be together, cause endless problems in the relationship, instead they love each other without end. And John Carter admits, rather amusingly, that he isn’t a ladies man, which does lead to him missing the obvious and getting himself in a lot of trouble which only adds to the bad situations he gets himself in. Yet, he doesn’t mind talking about his undying love for Dejah Thoris, and how he would rather die than live without her. While this may sound girly in its’ way, it in no way diminishes his warrior image, and the fact he is the greatest fighter in a world of warring people. Plus it had one hell of a cliffhanger, which will definitely have you snatching up the next book wanting to know how it all turns out.

My one complaint, which obviously isn’t that big, is the writing style felt altered in this one. It didn’t flow as well at times, and it almost felt like Burroughs was trying too hard with the King James kind of wording.


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