Howard Parsons has been INTERVIEWED!!!

HTP011. What’s your name? Where can we find you? Blog? Twitter? Facebook?

My name is Howard Parsons – Actually, it’s Howard Tolar Parsons, Jr. My website for the series of books is Colony and I have a blog at Occasionally, I actually find the time to post new entries. I’m on Twitter as @howardparsons and on Facebook as as well as

2. Other than writing, what is your favorite hobby or thing you enjoy for fun?

I collect smoking pipes. I used to hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains quite a lot but my knees aren’t what they used to be.

3. How long have you been writing? How many books have you written? They don’t have to be published.

I’m fairly new to writing. My younger brother is the true author in the family and he’s won numerous awards. Urban Mermaid is my first book. I’ve written two short stories which may be found at

4. What genres do you like writing the most? And why? Is this genre the same as the one you prefer to read?

So far, this is the only genre I’ve written in – unless you include a couple of eulogies. A large amount of my reading over the past few years has been in this genre as preparation for Urban Mermaid. I guess this is where I’m at for now.

5. Are you currently writing anything now? If so, tell us about it? If not make something up…

I’m supposed to be working on the sequel to Urban Mermaid but it’s hard to find uninterrupted time at the moment.

6. How do you typically begin your projects? Do you create outlines and character profiles or jump in head first with the initial idea? And do you focus on just one at a time?UrbanMermaid-cover

Urban Mermaid began as a bed-time yarn I told myself as a way of dropping off to sleep. This simple bed-time story grew into a short story and then a novel, as I began to fill in details and add characters. Since Tails from Colony Island is a
six or seven book series, I find myself jumping ahead to the third or fourth book to see where I want to take things. In one way, that’s good. On the other hand, it can be quite distracting.

7. What aspect of your writing do you consider your strength? Your
Strength(s): Detail and visualization Weakness: Wordiness.

8. After publishing, the next trouble facing writers is marketing. What do you
typically do when marketing your novel? Do you have tips you’d like to
Since Urban Mermaid is my first novel, I’m pretty new to all this and I hope someone can give me some tips.

9. What advice would you give a writer who is starting out?
As one who is starting out, about the only advice I can give is “Don’t listen to your wife.” I did all this to make my wife happy and you can see where that landed me.


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