Sold… Alien Space Pirates

BOOK 1: Captured  by  Mara Frost

Sold   description:

They say that no one can hear you scream in space, but what about cry like a big fat baby…?

Get abducted by aliens? Check
Get put up for auction on a giant “dark market” trade planet? Check
Despise the big alien jerk who kidnapped and sold me in the first place? Check
Stop making stupid checklists? Check

So I’m on a scary and inhospitable planet and I’m fairly certain everyone here wants to make Dani Tartare out of me. Life sort of sucks right now. So why is it that all I can think about is the blue jerk who kidnapped me and be pissed that he actually sold me? Sigh. I always prioritized poorly…

soldBOOK 2: Sold   3 STARS

Commerce Planet was definitely interesting. All sorts of aliens, selling all sorts of futuristic stuff, and showing how absolutely barbaric they still are. It was actually really interesting from the point of view of Dani trying to argue what is a higher life form and what’s okay to be eaten. When you’re dealing with such alien creatures, and being so advanced, and yet trying to say it’s okay to eat a cow but not okay to eat a human it gets a bit more slippery than you think it would be. It’s so much more than just some silly erotic story, there’s some good stuff there. However, Frost really needs to do better with editing, and word choice. It wasn’t so bad as to detract from the actual enjoyment of the story, but it’s quite noticeable. And of course this books is as short as the last one, and really is just like the next handful of chapters in the story as a whole.


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