Shackled to the Sheikh

Shackled to the Sheikh  by  Trish Morey  description:

A wife to secure his crown?

Rashid al Kharim must travel to Qajaran with his infant half sister to take his place as sheikh. But before he enters a world of deceit and danger, he seeks oblivion in the arms of a beautiful stranger, just as tormented as he…

Nanny Tora Burgess eagerly waits to meet her new boss — but is horrified to discover he’s her red-hot, one-night lover! Rashid is cold, distant and has a shocking proposal that will shackle her to the sheikh forever! Tora should say no, but her mouth forms the one word that she can’t take back — yes!

shackledBOOK 4: Shackled to the Sheikh   3 STARS

I can’t help it, but when reading these sometimes it’s like does this ever really happen? Surprise you’re royalty, oh and now you need to be married. But you don’t go into these books looking for the plausible, and it was a good read for the most part. Rashid’s little sister, who Tora is there to nanny, was a cute bit that did help give a real reason for drawing Tora and Rashid closer after their one night stand. Even what all else was going on in Tora’s life really helped her become a well rounded character that you felt like you knew and understood. Perhaps more so than Rashid, but I think the problem there is that this is the end of a series and possibly we should already know Rashid by this point. Though you don’t have to read the others to follow this story, but the characters from the other books are brought in and so now I do know who all ends up with who for the rest. But clearly this is a stand alone novel. My main problem is that everything happened too fast. These books are usually quick reads, but considering the timing of everything, even if Morey just basically let days kind of go past without necessarily having to go into detail, but having it show that time had gone by would’ve made it all just a tiny bit more believable. The short time in which the baby gets attached to Tora, and Tora helps change Rashid’s outlook on life just felt really rushed. Though, if I came across them I’d probably still read the previous books.


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