Meddling with Murder

BOOK 1: Looking for La La by  Ellie Campbell

BOOK 2: To Catch a Creeper

Meddling with Murder   description:

Crouch End Confidential, the agency started by housewife, Cathy O’Farrell, with ex-cleaner Pimple, is failing badly. Hardly surprising when their only clients are little old ladies seeking lost pets. Until the strange case of the missing dog…

Soon Cathy’s multiple problems include stolen bikes, a possible murder weapon, the sabotage of her friends’ new shop, drug-dealing yobbos targeting her children’s primary school and being forced to pose as the world’s most inept maths tutor. Worse, best friend Rosa hires her to investigate fiancé Alec and – horrors – Cathy’s husband Declan is intent on moving himself, Cathy and kids to the safer climes of rural Norfolk. Suddenly Cathy is endangering her marriage, friendships and her life to untangle these messes. But that’s what you get for meddling with murder…

JacketBOOK 3: Meddling with Murder   5 STARS

This series just keep getting better and better. This is really the story it’s all been building up to. Cathy is finally a sort of real detective along with Pimple (can’t believe they’re still calling her that). With her new agency up and running, and her seeking to help people, it begins with one mystery after the next that all become entangled and really lead to a great story. Campbell did a great job of leaving little hints and clues that really add up, even if being from America the whole freak out over the gun thing really cracked me up. Oh us silly gun crazy Americans. Plus now all Cathy’s lying finally has a purpose, and she surprisingly does a good job of being confidential, even when it leads to a lot of misunderstandings. Very hilarious misunderstandings. But of course there’s more than just solving the case Cathy is working on, all her friends are up to something, many changing their lives, inspired by Cathy’s own bravery to chase her dreams. Plus Rosa being secretive and wondering about Alec, who is acting even more sneaky. And I must say that I love how Cathy and Declan are together, how no matter what craziness the other is going through they ultimately just want each other to be happy and it’s rather sweet. So much to enjoy and discover it was a great read, and I definitely hope there is more to come.


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