The Ten Year Reunion

The Ten Year Reunion  by  T.S. Krupa  description:

Ten years ago, Danielle ‘Dani’ Jackson graduated from Coastal State University in Wilmington, North Carolina and left her heartache behind –for what she thought was forever.  Now a promising pediatric surgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital she is invited back for her college reunion. With the encouragement from her best friend, Dani begrudgingly goes back and faces her past – the death of her friend and her broken heart from Jake Dillon, her first love. During her trip she revisits the four years she spent at CSU. Her applying to CSU defied her father and the ‘perfect’ plan he had for her which was to attend an Ivy League school before medical school but Dani had other plans. She traded in her father’s dream for an institution with sandy beaches, soccer and one that made her feel at home. Dani never questioned the decision- she knew she was right but she didn’t know was how hard growing up was going to be.

At the reunion she is reconnected with her friends Adeline ‘Addie’ Smith and Colleen ‘Callie’ Schumaker.  The girls met freshman year under Addie’s tenacity and quickly became inseparable but since graduation they have started to drift apart. The weekend is only further complicated when Jake shows up. Together they all realize that life has been hard on everyone and no one’s life has been perfect. The reunion weekend gives them the time to deal with the past and an opportunity for a second chance – for each of them.

10yr reunionThe Ten Year Reunion   3 STARS

This book was a little more serious than I prefer, but it had its’ sweet and even fun moments that made it well worth the read. Since it’s told in first person through Dani’s point of view, you get to go through the journey with her as she faces the past she’s been hiding from. I especially liked that it begins in the present, leading up to her reunion, and you get hints and pieces so you know something tragic happened in college and you can kind of figure out what it was beforehand. However, right when it gets to a pivotal moment, part 2 begins which takes us back to college with Dani, and we get to live through those events that have shaped her life. It added to the story that Krupa didn’t feel like she had to do the story in chronological order, and that she didn’t just try to do a bunch of flashbacks to get the picture. It really did a lot to make the book one that drew you into the situation, and make the growth of the characters that much more meaningful. All the characters were a good set to help move the story along. My problem though is with Krupa’s writing style. It felt very stilted in the way that she told the story, and lacking that little something that makes it feel alive.


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