Happy Mother’s Day!!!

A while ago my parents got lost out in the middle of nowhere when my dad’s Jeep bottomed out in the mud. It took hours for anyone to find them, but afterwards my dad told me, “If you’re ever going to get lost, get lost with your mom, because she never stops trying.” He told me of how much she did to try and get their jeep unstuck, and to find something to help the Rangers find them. But as exciting (and a little scary) as that story was to hear, it wasn’t that surprising to hear about how great my mom was. She’s always been that way. No matter the situation she never stops trying to do whatever she can to help others, and of course to be the most amazing mom there is.

Growing up we didn’t have much, my dad is disabled and my mom was a self employed seamstress. But man she could make anything. And while we couldn’t afford much, my mom always made sure to decorate our rooms to make them fit us perfectly. The way she could make cheap fabric look like a million bucks, I wish I had paid more attention because I can barely stitch in a straight line. It may not seem like much, but for someone like me where my surroundings influence my creativity, and I need a spot that’s all mine, it meant the world. She and I have rarely been on the same page, our likes and interests don’t line up much, but it didn’t matter. I wanted my room done in sun and moons, well she made it a veritable place in the stars. She taught me that you don’t have to have the nicest things to make your home amazing, and I try and channel that wherever I go.

She even made my prom dress. I mean how many people can say they went to prom in a tailored dress that was made to their specifications, and definitely stood out from the pack. It’s hard to really think of myself as having been poor when I swear my stuff was way cooler than anyone else’s. And while she didn’t make my wedding dress, she did make my wedding memorable. It’s hard to plan a wedding for Georgia when you’re living in Alaska, but she included me in everything, and made it the perfect day. From the giant daisies, to the cake that looked like it came from a Dr. Seuss story, and I mean that in a good way. Not the traditional wedding by any means, but she never blinked an eye, just made sure I was happy.

Of course now she’s gone back to school and become the best nurse you’ll ever meet. Sweet and kind and caring and works harder than well anyone should ever work. But she can’t help herself; she wants to make everyone around her feel better, sometimes to her own detriment. Which of course made it really hard for me to ever complain about my work load in college, or about anything really knowing how much she’s accomplished. She’s someone to which there’s no comparison, and while I’m sure everyone feels that way about their mom, for mine there’s no room for argument.

Right now I don’t have kids, and sometimes the idea of having them makes me really nervous. I’m not sure what kind of mom I’ll end up being, and I’m pretty sure I’ll never be as great as my own mother, but I’m definitely going to try.


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