In Harm’s Way

In Harm’s Way  by  M.H. Snowy   description:

Nightmares or waking dreams? Only the keeper of the Legend knows…and it’s up to him to keep them from Harm!

By day, Jeffery is the best friend of Montague the magician. By night, he’s the powerful warrior, Harm, The Legend, who leads a band of Berserkers—ridding the land of evil while saving villages by the score. Only Montague knows the villagers also have to cough up a hefty pouch of coin for the privilege of being rescued!

All Jeffery knows is he has no memory of any battle he fights. Under the Spirit of Lohocla, he awakens the morning after the battle barely able to think for the pain in his skull and the lethargy in his body. The more Jeffery tries to discover his lost memories, the vaguer Montague becomes until it’s too late not to tell the truth—at least part of it. But how could Jeffery ever imagine his entire life may be smoke and mirrors…just ephemeral fragments of dreams?

IN HARM’S WAY– enter a world of magic, mayhem, and mystery you may never be able to leave…if the Spirit of Lohocla captures you in its embrace!

harms wayBOOK 1: In Harm’s Way   3 STARS

I quite enjoyed this book. The premise was interesting, Montague thinks the world isn’t quite right and is trying to figure out why. And the characters were an eclectic bunch. From the grouchy but caring lead figure, Montague, to Nolsun, who’s just so happy to be apart of a quest he doesn’t even mind that he doesn’t seem to recall wanting to join the group. It builds to an interesting ending, that does leave you wanting more. My issues with this book though are some inconsistencies, and even the few answers you get come a bit late from when you really needed to understand what was happening. But more so you don’t get much depth to the world. For the first book of the series, I feel Snowy rushed it a bit, and there wasn’t enough world building to fully understand what’s going on. While answers may come later on, it was kind of like being dropped in the middle of a story and just trying to piece it together as you go, and that’s frustrating.



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