Awarded to the Alien

Awarded to the Alien  by  Ashley L. Hunt   description:

Prince of The Euthenian Nebula is a man with a mission to unite Earth and his planet.
Kataline is a strong and well-educated young woman and the first of the genetically modified females to be awarded to an alien. She’s not happy with her predetermined fate. He thinks it will be easy to handle her.
Something changes when they see each other.
Some promises are meant to be broken…  Some others have different plans for the young couple, other than mating…
An uprising stage at The Euthenian Nebula, while the Royal family and their guards are away on Earth!
“Take her to the holding chamber.”
“No!” Is it really Kataline’s fault? Is she just a pawn in all this? What will happen between the Prince and his new Princess?

alienBOOK 1: Awarded to the Alien   1 STAR

While I can’t say it’s the worst book I ever read, I’m definitely glad it was free. The book had an interesting premise with Kataline being an intelligent head strong woman who doesn’t plan to give in easy to the rules applied to women on the new planet she’s going too. And Kerr turns out to want to change those rules as well. The problem began when they finally meet each other and they’re both about to faint with sudden attractiveness, the level of cheesy was nearly unbearable. And while Kataline has been locked away from the world, she’s supposed to be highly intelligent and educated, as well as having said she read plenty of romance novels, and yet she thinks the way she’s turned on by Kerr must be an allergic reaction? Plus the romance was really brushed over quickly, and for Kerr to be someone who wants things to change he lets everyone walk all over Kataline. And Kataline sounds more like the empty headed female she keeps denying she is, instead of the described intelligent woman Hunt is trying to push on you. I shouldn’t have to be repeatedly told someone is intelligent if they just actually sound intelligent. But the real kicker is that the book ends about half way through an actual story, and before you really get invested in anything that’s going on. The fact that there was an extra book by her within this same world attached to the ebook I bought, and I didn’t at all feel like reading it says volumes. If she wanted to attach something within this world, why not just finish this story so I can know if I want to invest any more in it? Ultimately, even free it’s a waste of money.


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