Shift Just Got Real

BOOK 1: Shift Out of Luck  by  Ruby Dixon

BOOK 2: Get Your Shift Together

Shift Just Got Real  description:

Life’s given me the short end of the stick on looks – I’m big, ugly and brutish. Normally I wouldn’t care about the packaging except for the fact that the woman of my dreams is Ryann Brown, a human half my age and so lovely she makes my body ache. What’s a were-bear to do in this situation?

Whatever he can to forget her, of course.

Except Ryann’s not taking no for an answer. And when she catches me watching her one night, she gives me a show I’ll never forget. Did I think I’d be able to walk away and not touch her? Not claim what’s mine?

shift got realBOOK 3: Shift Just Got Real  4 STARS

The best book so far. I really loved how it all unfolded, and we got a better look at the situations between the humans and the different weres in town. It was rather sweet and sad how things ended up for Mal, knowing who his intended mate is, but feeling like she would never want him. You really get a better understanding of how this mate bonding thing works, and I loved how Ryann went about trying to get Mal to give in. While I can understand why the age thing might be an issue, I’m also a big proponent in love conquering all.


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