Happy 4th of July

I kept wanting to write something for this holiday, but I couldn’t think of anything, and really I was more focused on being happy me and the hubby was going to get to go down and visit family. So here I am today writing this post, but it’s not about today, it’s actually about yesterday. As it turned out with some having to get up to go to work on Tuesday, and us having to make the long drive back home, we decided to do our celebration last night. It was perfect. All my family together sharing laughs and making new memories. My little nephew being adorable, and loving all the attention he was getting from his Aunt RayRay and Uncle Bear (yep my hubby got a nickname too). As it got darker we went out to shoot off fireworks, and it turns out we weren’t the only ones who thought last night was a good time to celebrate. Fireworks shooting off all around us, mingling with our own. Staring in awe at the great explosions, laughing at some of the duds, holding our breaths when some flew too close to the houses and thankful it had rained right beforehand. But while it was amazing to get to spend time with my family, as I was looking around at the whole neighborhood celebrating together it made me think about what this holiday is all about. Togetherness.

We were all there together, family, friends, and strangers. We were all enjoying the night and celebrating our love for our country. We were all united. It didn’t matter that we had different beliefs, that we may think different from each other, that at times we can’t understand why folks do what they do when surely they should be more like us. All that mattered is that we all love our country, and we all love the freedoms accorded by it to be as different from each other as humanly possible. And that’s what this holiday is here to remind us of. We’re all united by the fact we’re Americans, and we love it. So try and remember that while you love the freedoms that allow you to be you, that those freedoms are there to allow us each to be ourselves. We may be different, we may not understand each other at times, but that’s okay. It’s what makes this country great, and it’s the love of such that we need to keep us united.

firewrok 2016


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