HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! That’s right, it’s my birthday, and even though certain people think it’s lame to post about my own birthday *cough* hubby *cough*, I say it’s my birthday, I’ll post if I want too. So, yes, today I turned 28, and you know what’s great about 28? Nothing. You know there are some ages that are big milestones in life. Your first birthday, then the happy age when your parents get to send you away to school finally, 18th b-day, for some your 21st (though totally wasted on me), 30th (cause you officially become ‘not young anymore’), after which is the age you reach when you realize you’re basically going to die at any moment. But your 28th is just another day. Just an excuse to shove your face full of cake and ice cream, and then go about your normal routine. Which means George being a fuzzy weirdo, the hubs coming home with a sweet smile ready to chill after a long day at work, and me thinking this feels just like when I was 27. Just another day in paradise…and yeah…I’ll take it 😀 



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