Sneaky Surcharges

I recently discovered a surcharge on my Verizon bill that was a bit unfair, considering it was charging me for living in Alaska, when I haven’t lived there for 4 years. Now, I know I have to take some of the blame here. They send me a bill every month, and every month I pay it without having noted this surcharge. In my defense the bill is usually a cramped up list of surcharges in small print, and while I do look over it, nothing has ever jumped out as wrong, and since the amount I was paying stayed consistent I honestly didn’t think anything would be wrong with how much they were charging me. I knew when I was stationed in Alaska there were no Verizon towers there, and when I called them they were able to do whatever they did to allow me to bounce off other companies towers. It makes sense that they might charge me for that, and maybe they mentioned it to me at the time, though that was 7 years ago so I honestly can’t say for sure. But to think that once I moved, and I gave them my new address, for them to keep charging me sounds absurd. Well, it turns out that changing your billing address doesn’t automatically change your service address, as in the place you’re using your phone. Now I know other companies do similar things like that, I’m betting other cellular companies do for sure, but this one doesn’t make sense at all.

See, my USAA car insurance has it where I can have my car registered in one state and my billing address in another. They do that because they know that for active duty military it’s legal for you to move to a new state but not change your registration. It actually helps save money, because it’s frustrating to get orders and move, and then have to spend money on a new tag and go through all that info change, especially if you happened to have just bought your last tag. But I was aware of this, in fact it’s something they make easily known, and it’s something I chose to do. But I feel like Verizon didn’t make this known.

Instead of doing something like USAA, that helps people when they may be in situations of getting moved all over, Verizon made this sneaky little rule that honestly doesn’t make sense. Why would my billing address and service address be in two different states? I can honestly not think of a reason for such. So if you have Verizon, have ever lived in Alaska and then moved, you might want to check out your statement. Heck even if none of that applies to you, you should be scanning your bills with a fine tooth comb, because the moment you become complacent they sneak in a sneaky surcharge.

And I’m going to be honest, the only reason I did notice was because they finally did their bill in really big letters, with everything separated out into clear categories. So I have to give them credit for that.



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