His Princess

His Princess  by  Alexa Riley  description:

Alena is a princess, and with that comes responsibility. Like marrying the giant caveman King Roman, who looks more like a warrior than a ruler. Everything about him is intense. Especially the way he looks at her. But she’s been promised to him, and there’s no way out.

Roman took one look and made up his mind. Princess Alena will be his and no one will stop him from taking her. Everything about her belongs to him now, and waiting one week for a wedding isn’t going to happen.

This beast of a man might just claim his princess before she has a chance to say “I do.”

his-princessBOOK 1: His Princess  3 STARS

If you want a quick read that’s a fun piece of naughty moments, then this is worth checking out. Tabby and Alena had me cracking up from the beginning, and I would’ve loved a whole story of just the sisters getting into mischief, because they were really the best part, and the most developed. However, once you get into the parts with Roman, it began to feel a bit off. Honestly, it may sound wrong, but if this had actually been set in more medieval times when arranged marriages and such were the norm this story might’ve made a bit more sense. In today’s world, Roman just felt a bit stalkerish, not overly creepy, but still not that romantic. And his use of the term “breeding”, as in wanting to get her pregnant, was definitely not romantic. It took anything that was supposed to sound sentimental and really made it more like him just wanting to spread his seed. I suppose I will stick with more plot oriented and complex characters, and leave the fluff for others to enjoy.


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