T&A: Revelations of a Romance Novel Heroine

T&A: Revelations of a Romance Novel Heroine  by  Jill Monroe  description:

The woman who has sworn off romance finds herself trapped inside a romance novel…

Some think their lives are ruled by fate. Others by chance. But Annalise Morrison knows who crafts her destiny – an interfering author hag – and if Annalise ever finds that meddling writer, she is going to shove that keyboard down her throat. No one is going to tell her who to date, but grrr…why does Theo Griffin have to be so hot?

The man who’s only looking for a little T&A finds a whole lot of trouble…

Theo Griffin’s down to play hero to Annalise’s heroine. He’s all in for any kind of action between the sheets this novel requires. That’s what the hero does in these kinds of books, right? But this sexy woman entices him to ditch his plans and tempts him to give more of himself than he ever thought possible. Will he turn his back on love…or surrender?

It’s fun and games until the emotions turn real…


The first chapter is in Theo’s POV and it starts out a little crass, and had me sure this would be just a quick naughty read. However, once you get to Annalise and her realization she’s in a romance novel you’ll be dying laughing as much as I was. There was just so much to love about this book. First off, Annalise and Theo are both very well developed characters, who have a lot of fun within their parts. From commenting on how chapter headings are now appearing in her life, and how “one week later” leaves her a little fuzzy on what happened during that time, Annalise really helps to analyze a lot of the over used romantic tropes we all know, and that leave us sometimes wondering why the author is falling into the same old routines. Her fighting it and falling victim to it all makes for a rather unique take on the story. I loved how not only does Theo play the guy willing to believe this, but that he jumps right into it with her as well trying to figure out how they can come out of this with a happily ever after. Even Josie and Harper, her friends, are fun influences. Harper bugged me a little with her cynicism, but Josie helped to balance it all out. I honestly hope there are more of these sorts to come from Monroe. There are some typos and story issues like repeating them doing an action they just did, nothing too big and nothing to really distract from the story. My only real complaint is I wish the internal author had a bit more blurbs and part of the story.


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