Why VA Insurance is a Joke

As you can probably surmise from the title, I’m not a fan of VA insurance. See, me and my husband are both partially disabled veterans, and so we get 100% coverage with VA insurance. That’s right. I get insurance for free, that allows me to go to the doctor for free as much as I want, and yet we choose to pay for insurance that has a nice little deductible just so we can get actual help.

Where I live I don’t have a full VA hospital, just a clinic, which is bad enough on it’s own, but wouldn’t be too bad for the average trip to the doctor. Except like when they don’t ever answer the phone. The first month of me being on VA insurance I called and called and called, and no matter what extension you choose, or how long you let it ring, nobody would pick up. Finally went in in person to get an appointment. After which I did get a call for some survey from VA asking about my visit, once I complained they actually finally started answering phones for a while. But even when you finally do get an appointment it’s definitely no picnic in getting any actual help. First off, they may just cancel your appointment for apparently no reason and not let you know about it. Or the earliest appointment may be 3 months away regardless of how bad off you are.

Then there are things like how I’m no longer on birth control, because my doctor wouldn’t put a prescription in. Right off the bat he told me he didn’t think I could get that, which was strange because the military never had problems getting it for me, and my last VA hospital got it for me, but he couldn’t. And I will say my last VA hospital wasn’t too bad. I’m saying this because I don’t want to claim that all are bad, just like not all of the doctors are bad. But the problem when you have no choice in where you get to go, you’re stuck with whatever crap they give you. Not only didn’t I get birth control, but it was extremely hard for them to even find a lady doctor who could see me for my lady stuff, because there was no way I was letting the sleazy primary care I got stuck with check me out. But even the lady doctor with her repeated confusion over the fact that I had never been pregnant nor had kids, and yes she asked it in about 5 different ways before she finally believed me, was of little help.

But the worst is now. My depression and anxiety have gotten to the point I need help, but no one answers their phone. There’s not even an answer machine to pick up to answer. I actually called the nearest full hospital and nobody was sure who was in and supposedly left a message that they were supposed to call me back to help me, but nobody did. Nobody will call back. Nobody gives a shit if I kill myself or not, because why should they? I’m just a veteran seeking help, and my VA insurance that should give me access to such does nothing, because the option I’m given is a hospital who won’t answer their phone, and doctors and nurses who won’t help you get what meds you need, or information that could help you. So instead I use the insurance I pay for to finally seek real help. And sure it’s no big deal to pay for insurance, just like so many other Americans do. My problem is when the government claims that they’ll take care of veterans, and basically put up some little facade like these hospitals to try and prove that they do, when in reality their help is really no help at all.


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