Don’t Just Take A Knee

A few days ago someone asked me, as a veteran, what I thought about the NFL players taking a knee. My answer was that I served my country to help protect freedoms. So simply put, they have the freedom to take a knee to show support for their cause. Whether I agree with it or not isn’t relevant. Freedom is freedom, even when it comes to people doing things you don’t agree with. Besides, at least this protest isn’t like many others that led to vandalism and chaos in the street. This is peaceful, but easily viewed by many. However, my problem is that what exactly is taking a knee doing to help with the problems in the world. I saw where someone else said such a thing, and another party responded asking what wearing pink does to help breast cancer, it’s just showing support. However, this isn’t a good analogy at all. I looked it up myself, because I was wondering if the ribbons sold, or the pink stuff flaunted as support of breast cancer in anyway really gives back to any actual research in trying to cure it or to help those who are suffering from it. The answer is neither. I came across a really good article discussing such. Think Before You Pink. Don’t like that one, here’s another. Breast Cancer: The Wearing of the Pink.

The fact is it’s easy to do something like take a knee or wear pink or whatever nice little symbol you can throw out there for your support in whatever cause you’re wanting to show you care about. What’s hard is actually going out and doing something about it. It’s hard to actually come up with solutions and then attempt to put them in action. It’s hard to even simply choose to give money to organizations that are legitimate (because please make sure they are before giving money) rather than save it for something you really want to buy yourself. I mean every time a cashier asks for even a dollar to go towards the children’s hospital I hesitate. That’s my dollar. I need that dollar. But do I really? Cause I don’t mind spending that dollar on a candy bar I definitely don’t need. But just giving money itself doesn’t do much either. They need people out there, being active. So you’re taking a knee because you hate the racism in the world, you want to stop police from overreacting in situations that end up getting someone killed, in general you want the world to be a more peaceful place that accepts people of all colors and gives them all the same opportunities. That’s a good cause to want to fight for. But while taking a knee may draw attention to this, it doesn’t help it.

So take a knee in protest, but then stand up and do something to actually change the world.


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