I Had a Castle

I had a castle

It was all my own

A spiraling tower

To call my home

My lovely pet dragon

Circled and slept

Surrounding my castle

Protecting it

His fire breathed fierce

Against any invaders

Driving away

Those seeking favors

And all day long

I’d tarry and dance

The halls of my castle

Upon every chance

I rested in peace

For the dragon I knew

Would never let any

Come wandering through

But alas one did creep

And wickedly slayed

My lovely pet dragon

In dreams where he laid

And then up my steps

He crept with deceit

In taking my hand

From my own lovely keep

Now locked away

In the castle of another

All alone in this land

In the silence I smother

For I have been saved

From the freedom I held

And left to behave

To the rules they’ve upheld

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