0075 yellow house smallSo my dad has talked me into taking up photography. This is the first photo I finished. It was a fun trip for several reasons. First off it was great just hanging with my dad, and seeing him so excited to show me how to use my camera and take photos properly. He’s very passionate about it. But also, it was cool because we decided going back to the town I grew up in to do my first shoot would make it extra special. I’m particularly glad this photo turned out well because it’s one of my favorite houses in town that I’ve walked or biked by a million times. Of course living in a historical district means there are a lot of pretty houses and plantation style places to look at. I’m currently using Adobe Lightroom for my editing, but since I’m having to do it on my laptop I’ve had to get a external hard drive so as not to take up too much memory. Because taking pictures in raw means they’re really big and take up a lot of room. So hopefully as I go and learn about this more you’ll see more pretty pictures popping up, and me being able to actually talk about them in a somewhat intelligent way.

Where does it go?

My dad is always taking pictures of train tracks


And paths

woods path

and I think I always like them best because they always make me curious as to where they go. If I was there where would that path lead me and where would those tracks take me? I think as someone always looking for a story these pictures leave me wondering and to me that’s the best kind of art.

I also like the black and white just because it makes it moody.