Second Chance: That Time in the Car

second chanceWell, Second Chance is still playing, that makes me happy on its’ own. And as the show goes it just proves how so many didn’t give it the fair chance it deserved. All they saw was another cop show with a little twist they didn’t find intriguing enough, but it’s that twist that is setting it apart. It isn’t just about solving some crime with a dude that used to be old, it’s about a man whose getting the chance to look at his life in a new light. Seeing the impact he’s made on his kids, the good and the bad, and having the chance to perhaps make things better. Though, they are still managing to make the crimes a lot different from the other crime shows I’ve seen. Which is saying something, because I watch a lot of them. It isn’t just some who done it, but the thrill of the chase and watching the events unfolding. But it’s really the family aspect that makes this show worth watching.

Jimmy Pritchard being able to talk to his children, especially his daughter, Helen, who doesn’t know who he really is, has given him the chance to see how his own actions shaped their life. It drove Duval to be a better law enforcement officer at his job in the FBI. He walks the straight and narrow, and likes everything by the rule book. Which is the opposite of Jimmy, who was willing to bend the rules to get the job done, leading to him being asked to step down due to evidence tampering. Duval is protective of those around him because he never felt like his father never took care of his family in the way he should have, as shown when Duval admits he busted out the windows of his dad’s car for making his mom cry. But in this episode it shows how when Jimmy thought he was protecting Helen as a little girl, but he was really just standing in her way.

He sees how some off hand remark (calling her an idiot) which he doesn’t even remember saying still effects her to that day. It still makes her unsure of her choices when trying to find a boyfriend. It’s left her alone. Jimmy gets to see that something he might have considered small and unremarkable meant so much more to the children he was raising. How his idea of protecting was hindering her from growing. It’s the emotional binds and the family aspect of this show that is making it so wonderful with each new episode. It’s seeing someone like Jimmy, who was so set in his ways, so sure of the choices he’d made, coming to new realizations that is helping him grown as a person. Helping him become better, because he’s finally getting the chance to see the truth that in some ways had been kept from him, but in other ways he’d been unwilling to see himself. It’s for these reasons that I do hope this show makes it, because it’s bringing a new life to the screen and I just want to see where they’ll take it.

And don’t forget it’s actually on Fridays now…

Second Chance Deserves All the Chances

second chanceSo I wrote the post Give Second Chance a Second Chance after only watching the first episode, because I knew with the way critics were tearing it apart that most likely this series didn’t have much hope of surviving. And it is kind of at a tipping point. Even as I wrote that post though I did wonder how this show would make a realistic premise that could keep the old sheriff in action. The first episode made sense, the whole reason he got a second chance was because he was murdered, and so solving his own murder that happened to tie into the FBI’s cases was a great starting off point. It got him working with his son, FBI Agent Duval Pritchard, and had Duval curious exactly where this man came from.

The second episode was even better. Jimmy’s good humor about basically being a 70 year old man in a 30 year old body made it a great show to watch. With so many detective shows out there, these sly little parts helps make it stand apart. I mean yes, he’s basically our new Frankenstein, but while futuristic technology does play a big role in helping him not only stay alive, but solve crimes, it doesn’t eclipse the basics. Jimmy is a man enjoying a new chance at life in ways his first time in his prime didn’t even give him. And surprisingly, they gave another plausible reason for not only Jimmy, but Looking Glass to get involved in another crime. During the blackout caused by his being resurrected 2 murderers escaped from prison. They all felt responsible, and Jimmy gave them the push to jump in on the FBI case.

However, now it’s jumped into him just wheedling his way into Duval’s work. He’s able to use his history with people in that town through his years of being a policeman to help just as much as the technology that Looking Glass is able to provide. They even approached the mystery different, in that we know who it is as much as they do. It’s just the question of what choices are the people going to make as the story unfolds. Sometimes the suspense in watching this sort of show isn’t necessarily the question of who committed the crime, but how the people will play their parts. And I’m glad this show realizes that. Altogether, each episode gets better and better, and I’m already looking forward to next week.

And in case you didn’t know, it moved to Fridays. Don’t miss it!

Give Second Chance a Second Chance

second chanceSo only the first episode is out, and this show could go downhill fast. At this point it really could go either way, but honestly I was surprised by how  much the critics seemed to hate it. One actually stated that it made no sense, that the layers were too dependent on each other to make sense separately. But that’s ridiculous. While this show is dealing with super advanced futuristic technology, the main basis and ideas of it are fairly realistic.

I mean you start with a set of really smart twins, Otto and Mary, who use those smarts to advance technology and get really rich off of it. Well that happens. We’ve made movies based on real life people who have done such. Not crazy. And with their super smarts and technology they then turn to figuring out how to save the dying Mary. I mean junk like that is how we advance medical science, so really someone trying to beat death is in no way unrealistic either. Nor that one person might have the genetic markers to create a formula. If you don’t believe me Google James Harrison. This junk happens.

Plus acting like how him having to return to their facility and that big tub is forcing the plot is over looking the obvious. People who have organ transplants have to deal with their body rejecting what it knows isn’t natural to it. They daily have to take anti-rejection medicine to keep everything intact and going. Jimmy went through a huge transformation that his body knows isn’t natural, heck he was dead, and so his body is fighting off these unnatural changes. Plus they’d only worked on goldfish and wasn’t yet ready for human trials, so bad side effects are definitely reasonable. Instead of taking pills though he has to take the world’s biggest bath. All in all you really don’t have to suspend your disbelief too much. I mean if we can believe gamma rays can cause anger issues, then why not have medical science beat death in a rather Frankenstein sort of way.

This show may suck in the end, but the first episode held potential. Plus I’m tired of shows not getting a fair shot. Too many get cancelled before they have the chance to really build up. It’s getting old.

The Dad of Limitless

limitlessI am loving the show Limitless. The movie was great, but honestly I didn’t think it would work out too good for a show. The fact they’re doing it as an extension of the movie, having Bradley Cooper still play the part of Eddie Morra, and more so as a perhaps slightly bad guy who may  not even realize he’s a bad guy, really helped set it off to a great start. But really it’s Jake McDorman, as Brian Finch, who made this show so wonderful. Most crime shows tend to be a bit of a downer, but Brian is a quirky guy who really makes being super intelligent an arts and crafts montage of good humor. He showed that just because a drug may make you smarter, it doesn’t change who you are. It just magnified it, and so with this new intelligence he’s doing what he can to make the world a safer place, and helping out those he cares about along the way as well. Altogether just begin a good guy.

Which is why Brian’s dad, played by Ron Rifkin, bothers me so much. I like the actor, he’s a cool dude, and at first he seems like a great dad. Always being there for Brian, and sticking up for him when the FBI was after him to begin with. You would think to finally see his free loading son not only make something of himself, but do so in a way that’s really noble like assisting law enforcement in apprehending dangerous criminals, would make him happy. However it’s like he doesn’t like his son no longer being dependent on him. Brian has a good job, lives in a nice apartment, and is happy, and suddenly his dad cuts him off. He actually refuses to take his phone calls, and then shows up to tell him he no longer wants all the stuff Brian has made him over the years because basically he no longer loves him now that Brian doesn’t tell him everything. This is just terrible parenting.

Sure when you’re raising your kids you have a lot of control over their life, and really need to know what they’re up to. But once they’re grown they have a right to their privacy, and a right to live the life they choose whether you approve of it or not. Especially since Brian is clearly doing good for himself. I understand being concerned, but to basically cut your child off like that is just wrong. And then when Brian finally tells him everything, because he doesn’t want his dad out of his life, his dad turns it around and assumes Brian needs saving still. He ignores Brian’s wishes, and breaks their own confidentiality by telling others. He also is determined to see Brian as someone who needs saving, because that’s what his dad wants, he wants to be the guy that Brian has to rely on to function. And I hate that. It really is making me angry, and now I hate it every time he shows up on the show.

Anyway, that’s my opinion. Regardless, still think the show is AWESOME!