Redoing a Rickety Piece of Cheap Furniture

This is a shelfy drawer thing that I got when I was 15. It was basic unpainted unstained wood, that I think might have cost like$10. I recall it being for holding CDs, not sure, and I never used it for that. It’s always been a random junk drawer, but useful.

When I got it, as you can see, I covered the sides with clippings from TidBits newspapers, and painted the rest in my cool designs. If you’re wondering about the bottom, I’d originally planned to do it all in blue and green, but it just didn’t work out, and that’s when I went with the black and white with newspaper print. However when it was all done I then realized that I forgot to paint over the bottom piece, I rather liked it and left it that way.

But I never sealed the sides to protect the paper, and after years of moving from state to state, and house to house, and now with a cat who thought it was a scratching post, it’s been rather damaged. Figured as my tastes have changed, though honestly really not that much, I thought I should redo it. Realized later that it’s been almost 15 years since I first decorated it, considering I’ll soon be 30 😦 . Who knows, maybe when I’m 45 I’ll update it again.

I peeled off the news paper as best I could with a letter opener and pocket knife. I’m super high tech. Then I sanded it down to loosen up any more that I could, and ultimately to smooth it out to be painted. There was also wholes where the screws on the sides were screwed into it, and so I patched them up with wood filler and sanded some more. I then added a layer of gesso so that hopefully the paint wouldn’t look all lumpy. Surprise surprise, gesso on paper caused everything to get all wonky, but it did make it where I could pull off nearly all the rest of the newspaper, which I then sanded some more, and then added a new layer of gesso to the sand and layer some more. Until it seemed smooth enough, consider the Elmer’s glue that just wouldn’t come up. During this whole process I vacuumed a lot trying to keep the dust and paper particles from sticking to it.

The top I sanded and gessoed as well. The top had some deep groves on it, and so I used a flat plastic spreader. I had one that was the width of the top so as to try to get in evenly as possible. It didn’t end up perfectly smooth, but it did help when I did get to painting it.

Here’s my cool little work area in the living room in front of the TV. It’s where I do my best work. I Used high gloss black paint that I’m not sure why I have. It is the paint I used on the fireplace, but that was an accident considering the first time I painted it it was flat black, and I accidentally grabbed the gloss and didn’t notice till it was almost done, and still have no idea where that can came from. But since I have it I used that, so now it’s shiny.

I went to Hobby Lobby and went through their awesome furniture knobby section to get a collection of random ones. As the title states, this piece is rickety. Nothing sits quite right, and unless I spent top dollar (which isn’t worth it) it’s never going to look like a pristine piece of furniture. I just want it to look cool, so I figured I’d go with the rickety bit and have it look like a piece that’s been fixed and parts replaced several times, so that means random knobs and worn/sanded drawers.

Actually the drawers were an accident. As you saw in the original, there were some specific designs, and while I sanded them and they felt smooth, when I painted them it was very clear to see what used to be there. So make sure to sand, wipe with a damp cloth, and sand again a few times to actually get it smooth. Well, I was fixing that and it made it look rather cool and I liked it. One of them was just rough and needed another sanding, and the 4th was just to go with the style I’d decided to go with. I had planned on doing papered sides again, but I didn’t really have anything that’d look right. Then I considered painting quotes on the sides, but I hate painting words, and knowing how hard it was to repaint over the others I wrote, it really made me hesitate. After I did the drawers though, I decided that perhaps less is more. Keep it classy, and so…


The Truth Behind Jacob Marley’s Words

“I wear the chain I forged in life….I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it.”

–Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

Okay, this is probably pretty strange to have as your favorite Christmas quote. I’ve even written about it before, but it doesn’t matter I still love it. However, I think the thing I love most about A Christmas Carol is that it isn’t just about the magic of Christmas during December, it’s about a man who learns about the magic of giving and caring for others that he carries with him all year long. I love Christmas movies, they’re sweet good fun that makes me happy, and something special to look forward to this time of the year. For some reason I just can’t bring myself to watch them in other time no matter how awesome they are. Yet, with most of them it tends to be just about something magical that happens then, and doesn’t really focus on the things that Christmas is supposed to be about. Peace on Earth, good will toward mankind. Which isn’t something that only happens in the month of December, or at least it shouldn’t be.

My coworker came in today and was talking about how happy he was that the person in front of him in the line at McDonalds bought his meal, because he’s actually broke but you know you gotta eat. He didn’t understand why they did that, and apparently hadn’t heard about these things people do, mainly at Christmas. I explained it to him, and he still seemed a bit perplexed. Which is sad. Someone doing something nice, albeit without really knowing whether the person behind them really needs help paying for their meal or not, shouldn’t be a perplexing experience. It should always be considered nice, and something we need to show appreciation for, because we definitely should never take such for granted, but it also shouldn’t be considered so out of character for people in general.

Whether you believe in an after life or not, I think something to be considered is the weight of your actions. The chain we’re building around our neck may be far heavier than we realize, and the weight may be dragging us down to levels we never would’ve imagined us sinking to. No one starts out in life thinking so little of the people around them. So ready to pass on by terrible things they see, and pretend it’s not happening because they don’t want to get involved. We’ve become a society who is quicker to take a selfie of themselves at some terrible scene to show that we were in fact there, than we are to step up and take action to help others. I watched a video done by Burger King that showed people would go up and complain and be so upset if they got a burger that looked like someone had smashed it to pieces, but they would sit there and watch a kid be bullied and messed with and have his food taken from him. Because that wasn’t their problem right?

The Christmas spirit of giving and loving is a magic that should be carried with us all year round. We should want to do more for those around us. People constantly talk about how the world should be a better place, and they can’t understand all the terrible things that happen in it. The best way to make the world better is to start with yourself, because as you become better then all your interactions will be better, and you’ll help make the people around you better as well. It may not seem like a huge monumental change, but change rarely happens in some huge sweeping motion. Change takes time, and effort, and if we’re willing to do so then I think we would free the world of the chains that weigh it down so much.

Covering Up Freedom

You know what I find hilarious, is how big a hypocrite the average American is. We like to talk about how much better we are than folks in the Middle East, how we have freedoms and we don’t make our women cover up. No hijabs for our women, and definitely no burkas. And yet we’re constantly criticizing women and girls for the clothes they wear if they show even a bit of skin. If you’re wearing a short skirt and you get raped, well you shouldn’t have been wearing something so revealing. Of course no one wants to talk about the women who were wearing extremely conservative clothes and still get raped, because I’m sure there was some other reason she was asking for it.

But even before we get to the extreme of rape, there’s little things that constantly show how men in this country think it’s women’s responsibility to keep guys from being distracted by the fact there’s a woman in the room. One of the easiest places to notice this is at school. How many articles have we read where a girl was pulled from class, often missing several classes that day, because of something she was wearing. Now it’s one thing to have dress codes, most places of work have them, but the schools seem to be a bit extreme about them

I currently work in a college, I’m not allowed to wear jeans or flip flops, and that’s the end of the rules. Now I’m sure if I really pushed it to the extremes and showed up in booty shorts and a tank top they would probably make some new rules, but the average outfit I wear are the same things these girls are being punished for. One girl was wearing tights with a baggy shirt that hid all her curves and hung well below her butt. But they considered her tights too revealing, because apparently men don’t know girls have legs. Another case was a girl who got pulled for wearing jeans, a tank top, and a flowy long sleeve cardigan. The reason? They could see her clavicle. So I guess we should require girls need to wear turtlenecks year round.

We’re basically telling girls their education isn’t as important, and that men are in no way in control of themselves and if they realize you have a body under those clothes then they’re not going to be able to stop whatever they do to you. Of course they’re thing is that the girls are distracting the guys from learning. I’m sorry, but do you think that none of the girls may be distracted by the guys just because they think they’re hot? Especially high school, the kids are going to spend most of the time distracted by each other no matter what they’re wearing. What needs to be taught is regardless of what someone is wearing, you need to respect their space, and learn to turn your eyes away in order to get your work done.

But the most disturbing, isn’t when it’s high-schoolers they’re dealing with, but when it’s young girls in middle or even elementary school. For wearing cutesy little outfits, once again usually leggings under a dress or what not. What is wrong with these people to look at a little girl and say she’s too sexually provocative. And these aren’t girls dressed to look grown up, they definitely look like a little girl wearing the average little girl outfit.

We want to say we’re so much better than those other countries or religions that make women cover themselves from head to toe, and yet that’s basically what we’re asking of women now. Any time something untoward happens to a woman the first thing we blame is how they looked. It isn’t the perpetrators fault that you were too enticing for him to control himself, because apparently we’ve never taught men to keep their hands to themselves.

But far worse isn’t the men who may think this way, it’s the women who say it’s okay for men to think this way. So the question is, do you want to live in a country that is free and respects women, or do you want to go ahead and admit that you’d rather us wear a burka?

Why Yoga Isn’t Religious

Yes, yoga was started in religions such as Buddhism, but the actual act of doing yoga isn’t really some huge announcement that you follow these religions. I was just watching a video about how a school has implemented meditation for students who are acting up, rather than give them detention. Since doing this they’ve noticed an improvement in students’ behavior and having to discipline children has dropped dramatically. But the majority of comments on there were either saying this violates the rule of separation of church and state or basically saying it’s demonic. Neither of these are true.

First off, meditation isn’t just for Buddhist, the Bible on many occasions mentions meditating on God’s word. So how about instead of jumping to conclusions on how evil the act of meditating is because someone mentions it in conjunction with yoga, you actually open your Bible and learn a bit about your own religion. Of course, upon pointing that out it sounds like I’m in fact saying it would be a violation of separating church and state. But have you ever been upset or angry and decide to go find a quiet corner where you could take a deep breath and mull over your problems and calm down and come to reasonable conclusion. To block out the rest of the world and really focus within and what you’re really going through. OMG you’ve meditated! Unless they’re asking them to pray to some god out there, then they are in no way bring church into the school.

Then beyond that, there’s doing yoga moves. I saw a comment once talking about how Buddhist believe doing yoga will do something or other to the universe. I honestly don’t know enough about Buddhism to know what they may believe on the subject and I barely remember what the guy was specifically rambling about. But I do know one thing, if you believe in God, and believe he is the only God, then how on earth could doing yoga impower someone else’s religion? Either God is the only God or your whole religion is wrong. So you really got to ask yourself how strong is your faith if this is your fear.

More so, there are only so many ways the body can move. You’ve probably done bits and pieces of yoga without even knowing it. Every done a plank? It’s in yoga. Ever been doing push-ups and went into the push-up rest position? Ooo that’s downward facing dog. And if you’ve ever seen a runner stretching that weird stretch where the stick one leg far behind the other and lean forward to stretch the back calf muscle, you’ve have witnessed warrior 1, with perhaps their arms not up in the air.

A while ago I injured my back pretty bad; I had to do 6 months of physical therapy to be able to walk without being in excruciating pain. To be able to move and do simple tasks. I went to lift up a picture frame once and I couldn’t do it because my back muscles just wouldn’t move in that way. The exercises I did to strengthen my core muscles was pretty much yoga, with maybe someone weightlifting tossed in. Yoga just blends it into a smooth move from one sort of stretch and strength training to the next. But ultimately, it’s the sort of work out plenty of people have done in various ways.

For some yoga can be a spiritual act, but for most it’s just a way to build strength and balance while calming themselves down after a stressful day. I mean sometimes I need to go beat the crap out of my punching back to work the stress out, but sometimes I need my yoga DVD with the woman’s whose voice slowly puts my husband to sleep while I try and fail to do the position she’s twisting herself into. It doesn’t in anyway alter my faith in God, because for me it’s just a workout. And anyone who can see evil in the fact that a school has found a peaceful and positive way to help children deal with their emotions and be able to function in school, I think you’re the problem not the yoga.

Don’t Just Take A Knee

A few days ago someone asked me, as a veteran, what I thought about the NFL players taking a knee. My answer was that I served my country to help protect freedoms. So simply put, they have the freedom to take a knee to show support for their cause. Whether I agree with it or not isn’t relevant. Freedom is freedom, even when it comes to people doing things you don’t agree with. Besides, at least this protest isn’t like many others that led to vandalism and chaos in the street. This is peaceful, but easily viewed by many. However, my problem is that what exactly is taking a knee doing to help with the problems in the world. I saw where someone else said such a thing, and another party responded asking what wearing pink does to help breast cancer, it’s just showing support. However, this isn’t a good analogy at all. I looked it up myself, because I was wondering if the ribbons sold, or the pink stuff flaunted as support of breast cancer in anyway really gives back to any actual research in trying to cure it or to help those who are suffering from it. The answer is neither. I came across a really good article discussing such. Think Before You Pink. Don’t like that one, here’s another. Breast Cancer: The Wearing of the Pink.

The fact is it’s easy to do something like take a knee or wear pink or whatever nice little symbol you can throw out there for your support in whatever cause you’re wanting to show you care about. What’s hard is actually going out and doing something about it. It’s hard to actually come up with solutions and then attempt to put them in action. It’s hard to even simply choose to give money to organizations that are legitimate (because please make sure they are before giving money) rather than save it for something you really want to buy yourself. I mean every time a cashier asks for even a dollar to go towards the children’s hospital I hesitate. That’s my dollar. I need that dollar. But do I really? Cause I don’t mind spending that dollar on a candy bar I definitely don’t need. But just giving money itself doesn’t do much either. They need people out there, being active. So you’re taking a knee because you hate the racism in the world, you want to stop police from overreacting in situations that end up getting someone killed, in general you want the world to be a more peaceful place that accepts people of all colors and gives them all the same opportunities. That’s a good cause to want to fight for. But while taking a knee may draw attention to this, it doesn’t help it.

So take a knee in protest, but then stand up and do something to actually change the world.

Writing Rituals

Yes, you guessed it, Kyle Robert Schultz is just on a rampage to prove how utterly lame I am. Why Kyle, why?

When do you write? (time of day, day of week)

When do I write? hmmm… sometimes? Mainly when I’m at work supposed to be doing a job I still kind of suck at. Seriously who thought it’d be a good idea to put me in charge of computers? It took me a year to figure out how to schedule posts on here. So yeah, that’s when.

How do you seclude yourself from the outside world?

ummm… by going home. Where there’s only a fuzzy dog to ignore me.

How do you review what you wrote the previous day?

Wait… am I supposed to do this? Interesting. I tend to only review my work if I’ve got writers block or (and this is the usual) if it’s been months since I’ve touched this particular piece of work. And then while I’m reading through I edit it to death crying giant tears of sorrow over how much it sucks.

What song is your go-to when you’re feeling uninspired?

I guess whatever song I’ve decided is my favorite at the time. It changes a lot. I have a short attention span. Right now I’m torn between Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do and Sing’s soundtrack song I’m Still Standing by whoever voiced the gorilla.

What do you always do (i.e. listen to music, read, watch youtube, etc.) when you find yourself struggling with writer’s block?

I like watching movies like Something’s Gotta Give or Alex and Emma so I can watch other people suffering through writer’s block as well. Misery loves company and all that. Though I do read a lot, but I’m not sure if that helps with the block, but it’s definitely good for relaxation and gets me thinking. Plus, at the very least, I’m writing a review afterwards. So some kind of writing gets happenin’.

What tools do you use when you’re writing?

A pen? What else would I use? I mean I could use a pencil, but then I’d probably wear a hole through the paper with so much erasing. So I use a red pen, then I edit with a blue pen, then I edit the blue with a red pen. And so it continues…

What’s the one thing you can’t live without during a writing session?

Probably air. And then water. Sometimes I eat, but that gets crumbs on my pages, and usually I can survive long enough till my ideas run out before I absolutely have to eat. But one must always come prepared.

How do you fuel yourself during your writing session?

Isn’t this the same question as before? I am so confused.

How do you know when you’re done writing?

I type THE END and then I know.

Now I’m sure you’re over wowed by my truly in depth answers, and so if you feel like spreading the joy just copy the questions below and slap them on your own blog.

When do you write? (time of day, day of week)
How do you seclude yourself from the outside world?
How do you review what you wrote the previous day?
What song is your go-to when you’re feeling uninspired?
What do you always do (i.e. listen to music, read, watch youtube, etc.) when you find yourself struggling with writer’s block?
What tools do you use when you’re writing?
What’s the one thing you can’t live without during a writing session?
How do you fuel yourself during your writing session?
How do you know when you’re done writing?


Strangest Browser Searches

I was tagged by Kyle Robert Schultz who apparently hates me and wants me to reveal how boring my writings really are through the sad things I end up searching for. I happily left out all the searches that included me trying to figure out how to spell a word, or if that word even meant what I thought it did. As well as the searches that was just me trying to figure out what an outfit actually looked like during whatever time period. There is also a good mix of me googling translations of words so I can be cool and toss a little Latin in there at times, and unfortunately must admit I’ve forgotten everything from the 4 semesters of Latin that I took in college. So while Kyle went on to list far more than the asked for 5 searches, and showed how cool he is, these are the few pitiful things that keep me up at night trying to get my stories right.

  1. Bandits in the 15th century

Now I know what you’re thinking, why would I search such a thing, a bandit is a bandit. Honestly I wanted to know if it really was such an issue, and not just a fiction created by Hollywood. Surprisingly the “Highway men” weren’t Robin Hoods, stealing from the rich to give to the poor. They were basically gangs, but also at times they were actual nobles themselves I suppose needing money to stay fancy, or just charging people illegal tolls to be on their land. Either way it was interesting.

  1. When did the Roman Empire rule France

You see I have these vampires that have a French last name, just cause, but they’re also really ancient. Plus I wanted them to be a part of a civilization that believed in things like gods and magic and possibly could be responsible for accidentally creating the first vampire. Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense later.

  1. Name meaning

I do this a lot because for some reason I haven’t bookmarked the site that I like using to search for names through their meanings. I like giving my characters fitting monikers (and yes I did just google moniker) that represent a piece of their personality. I’m awesome like that.

  1. How does a spinning wheel work?

I know you’ll be shocked, but I’m writing a retelling of Sleeping Beauty and it occurred to me that the spinning wheel being such a huge part of that story it’d probably be good to know how they work and why there is even a pointy bit on it. It actually led to me learning about a spinning whorl and how much more interesting and devious it would be to use one of those instead. Try to refrain from stealing my amazing ideas.

  1. A Duke in Germany

Another shocker, a fairy tale retelling in the black forest of Germany. Actually it doesn’t specifically say where it is, but considering all the Germanic stuff that really hangs around fairy tales I thought it’d be cool to toss in some Germanic titles. Which I suppose also counts as me looking for a translation for a word, but geez I needed one more to list. By the way a duke in Germany is called a Herzog. Nifty stuff there.

Now that is my sad little list. And I’m not evil like Kyle and so won’t force such things upon other poor authors whose google searches are less than fascinating. But if you wish to carry on in this wonderful good fun then here is essentially the rules that you can choose to ignore.

  • Access your browser history
  • Pick at least 5 of your strangest searches you’ve had to look up as a writer
  • List them below with an explanation as to why you had to look them up
  • Tag 2-5 other bloggers


Why Can’t Boys Be Sweet?

I read a Twitter thread today talking about how a 4 year old boy wanted to have a butterfly painted on his face, but his parents flat out refused to allow such and instead forced him to get a skull and crossbones. You know, something manly. It just got me thinking how much easier it is to be a girl.

I’m not saying that women don’t deal with issues of inequality. There are still jobs it’s hard for women to get, pay disparities, and general sexist attitudes that still exist in the world. But sometimes it seems it’s easier for women to break into the man’s world and be hailed a revolutionary than it is for the reverse. While we’re so busy trying to show the world we can be just as strong, capable, and badass as men, we overlook the fact that men aren’t as easily allowed to be sweet, loving, and nurturing as women. For both men and women, acts of masculinity are much more easily accepted than those deemed more feminine. Even at times for a woman, we’re seen as weak for being girly, no wonder all the heroines today are more Black Widow than Cinderella. But that’s a discussion for another day.

Now I’ve served in the Air Force as a mechanic, and what do most people say to hearing that? “Thank you for serving.” I was a girl who did a manly job, no problem. After getting out and getting a degree, I had trouble finding a job, and when folks asked me what I did I just said stay-at-home. Some would ask if I had kids, and upon hearing that I didn’t seemed simply envious I got to be home while my husband brought home the bacon. But while men going into the military doesn’t even get a second thought, a guy staying at home instead of working would simply be seen as lazy, and a man who decides to stay at home to take care of the kids is seen as unmanly, and worse the number of people who are sure men can’t care for children as well as women. Of course, I’ve already talked about that in Can Only Mommies Mommy? In either situation no one seemed bothered by my life choice, but for men it’s a whole other ballgame, and I’ve seen it before plenty of times. And it’s not just men being tough on other men, it’s women with the same expectations of how men should act.

However, when it comes to kids sometimes it’s almost more obvious how we start at the beginning to force this confining issue on boys, and less so on girls. A little girl wants to play with GI Joe, well look at her not excepting those stereotypes placed on her by men. A little boy wants to play with Barbie, we need to stop that or he’s gonna turn out to be one of them gays.

I think back to myself growing up, I was the weird girl who’d wear pocket watches, ties, and suspenders. Not very stylishly I might add, I was dressing to be “cool” like my dad. I remember a guy commenting how nobody said anything about my clothes, but if he wore a kilt it’d be a scandal. People’s response, “well that’s RG, that’s just what she does.” Essentially I can be accepted for weird boyish behavior, but he couldn’t be accepted for anything remotely girly.

When I asked my dad about this he said, “You can’t stop someone from being who they are on the inside. You can only oppress them, and stop them from accepting who they are. You can stop them from being happy with themselves.” Essentially your kid is who they is, you’re either helping them love themselves or making them feel ashamed and resentful.

I think of my sweet little 3 year old nephew, who one minute is hugging an angel figurine claiming it’s a beautiful butterfly and it’s his favorite. The next he’s building a Lego tower claiming it’s a robot prison, which apparently also needed a hug. One act is a bit ‘girly’ and the other more acceptable of boys. And I’m so happy his parents are raising him to be sweet rather than tough, they want him to learn and discover all the wonders of the world, and not try to shut down this intelligent loving little boy. Kids are innocent beings who are just learning about life. Don’t stifle their love and joy with your fear that they’re not going to be “normal”, instead allow them to bloom knowing that you’re there for them no matter what.

Every little boy should be allowed to appreciate the beauty of the world as much as girls do. Boys should be allowed to try new things and learn new skills even if they’re not deemed manly. After all that definition changes one century to the next. There was a time when knitting was considered too complicated for women and was actually a man’s hobby. Just think about that.


O Face by Heather Hildenbrand

coming October 16th, 2017


I have a confession.
I’ve never had an orgasm.
Not for lack of trying. Hell, I even experimented once in college with a girlfriend, but nothing. Nada. Zilch.
I’m pretty sure I’m broken.
That is, until Liam Porter waltzes back into my life.

Cassie Franklin is untouchable. And she wears it well.

Heir to a fortune and heart of fucking stone—I’ve never, not once in the years I’ve known her—seen her smile.

Not that I’ve lost sleep over her while I’ve been rolling in the sheets with every other beautiful girl this town has to offer. Not to mention the women I had during my tour of duty. I’m not exactly pining. Still, Cassie’s always gotten under my skin—all that cool beauty set into a cold stare.

So when her best friend begs me to find out what Cassie’s hiding, I’m more than happy to comply. In fact, this is one covert takedown I’ll actually enjoy.

So why is it that the more I learn about the real Cassie Franklin, the more positive I am—there’s only one expression I want to see grace her features: Her O Face.

And I never back down from a challenge.


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Heather Hildenbrand was born and raised in a small town in northern Virginia where she was homeschooled through high school. (She’s only slightly socially awkward as a result.) She writes paranormal and contemporary romance with plenty of abs and angst. Her most frequent hobbies are riding motorcycles and avoiding killer slugs.

You can find out more about Heather and her books at

Water Intoxication… It’s Real

In less than a month’s time I’ll be turning 29, so you may be surprised to hear last night was the first time I ever went bar hopping, but I doubt you’d be surprised to know I woke up this morning with a horrible hangover. The only problem is I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol. That’s right, I was pounding water all night. You see I don’t drink, which is probably why it’s taken this long for someone to invite me on such an excursion. And I’m not some kind of health nut, drinking water regularly is probably about the only healthy thing I do, and the only reason I was drinking it so much last night was because it was rather warm out and walking from one place to the next I was thirsty. Plus, water is free, and kind of helped balance out the tab my husband and friends were accruing. But looking back I realize I wasn’t just drinking water, I was drinking it like it was going out of style.

Starting at the restaurant at 6pm where I drank at least a pitcher if not more on my own, and then at each bar until well after midnight I was having one glass after the next, until finally I reached a point I couldn’t take another sip. So while my friends, who were enjoying Long Island Ice Teas, Crown and Coke, and some other combination of drinks I can’t even remember, were feeling giddy and laughing, I (the sober one) was feeling like I was about to pass out or throw up. I was the one dragging myself into bed feeling the pain, and while both me and hubs woke up to a couple of Excedrin’s, I was the one with stomach cramps, dry heaving, and a headache that made the slightest bit of light or movement a painful experience. He was up and perky, and I looked like the one who had one too many the night before.

The fact is, you can have too much of a good thing. We think of water and think that’s healthy, our body needs it, drinking water is easily the best thing you can do for yourself. But it also flushes your system, and can cause your sodium levels to drop. Yep, we need some salty goodness at times. Now, luckily, my case wasn’t too severe, though it honestly felt like it. There have been instances where people died from such, usually athletes who are trying to stay hydrated while they’re sweating it out. But it’s why drinks like Gatorade or Powerade may be a good thing to toss in every now and then to help replenish what water is washing away. Being the sober person is an important thing in a group, especially when your husband gets so bad he can’t remember the name of the hotel you’re staying at. So stay sober, but remember a nice glass of Sprite or Ginger Ale (my drinks of choice) can do the job just as easily as water.