I want to make it clear that I give 100% honest reviews. I tell the good, the bad, and the just okay, so don’t send me your book if you’re expecting me to lie so you can feel good about yourself. I will not agree to hold off or not post a review because you don’t like the rating; it’s the risk you take when you send a book out for reviews. Having said that, I have a rather eclectic taste:

Science Fiction   Paranormal   Fantasy  Romance  Mystery

Truly anything but perhaps teen angst stories. If your book is about something that could’ve happened to any kid in high school then no thank you, or any of those self discovery type books. Sorry but they’re just not my cup of tea.

If you do want me to do a review please email me at with a description of your book and I will get back to you. Your book has to be available for purchase or have a known release date. If you need a review by a certain time I will need at least a month’s advance notice. When I write the review I will let you know it’s going up, and send you a link. I also post the review on Goodreads and Amazon, as well as share the blog link on Twitter and Facebook.

If you are requesting me to do your book you must be willing to email me a copy of it in mobi for Kindle or something that can be easily converted. If you’re not going ebook then you have to be willing to mail me a copy of the book.

My rating scale is a 5 STAR scale:

5 STAR: I loved it- all around great

4 STAR: I really liked it- but there was a hitch here or there

3 STAR: I liked it- these books are often ones I really do like but they’re too predictable, or the writing itself may not be the best.

2 STAR: it was okay- the book was readable but not memorable, and it’s doubtful I’d recommend it.

1 STAR: it was bad- the book failed across the board, not one to recommend ever.


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