Lola Smirnova has been INTERVIEWED!!!

Book Cover1. What’s your name? Where can we find you? Blog? Twitter? Facebook?

Lola Smirnova




2. Other than writing, what is your favorite hobby or thing you enjoy for fun?

I love to spend time with my family and friends. I enjoy discovering new hobbies once in a while too. Two years ago I was taking the golf lessons. These days I spend a lot of time at the shooting range.

3. Twisted is based in part on your own life experiences. Was writing about such hard for you? And is there a reason you chose to write about it?

It was not easy, that’s for sure. The stories like Twisted are often not spoken out, because the victims of sex industry suffer from shame and denial. I think we need to bring more awareness to the people about these issues, help them to understand that the sex workers are humans who need the support rather than judgment and ignorance.

4. Do you have any other books planned yet? And are they similar to Twisted or do you consider branching out into other genres?

I am about to release a sequel to Twisted – Craved. I’m not planning to change my genre yet.

5. What sort of books do you prefer to read?

I enjoy a good read no matter what genre it is.

6. How do you typically begin your projects? Do you create outlines and character profiles or jump in head first with the initial idea? And do you focus on just one at a time?

I plot the story to stay focused but as the writing goes I change it all the time. To be spontaneous, that’s what makes me savor and truly enjoy my affair with my computer, turning every day of boring routine into an exciting date.

7. What aspect of your writing do you consider your strength? Your weakness?

My strength is the honesty. Weakness is my grammar, cause English is not my native language. But luckily I have a great team of editors to help me with it 😉

8. After publishing, the next trouble facing writers is marketing. What do you typically do when marketing your novel? Do you have tips you’d like to share?

I’m trying different marketing tools I’ve learned about from the “how-to” books: creating an author website, being active on my social media pages (Facebook and Twitter), interacting with the readers and fellow writers through numerous websites like and some special Facebook groups, creating giveaways, giving interviews, entering competitions, hiring professional publicists, advertising, blogging, etc…

The most effective way of getting the book into the hands of readers for the aspiring authors, in my opinion, is Amazon’s KDP Select Program. Kindle Countdown Deals and especially Free Promotions gave my book the biggest exposure so far.

9. What advice would you give a writer who is starting out?

For this I’ll use the wise words of Richard Bach: “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit”.
So, DON’T GIVE UP, my friends! 


The Arrangement… That Never Ends…

The Arrangement  by  H.M. Ward   description:

FML is becoming Avery’s motto. Just when she doesn’t think things could get any worse, they do. When her car stalls out at a busy intersection and she gets out to check under the hood, a guy steals her car. Armed with a dress and a pair of Chucks, Avery runs after the thief. When a hot stranger offers to help, she can’t say no. That’s how Avery meets Sean Ferro, the totally sexy, totally damaged guy with more secrets than she has time for.

Avery doesn’t have time for anything anymore. Her is life falling apart and it’s not just the car. It’s everything, and it doesn’t matter how tightly she tries to hold on, there’s nothing left to hold on to. With the sudden death of her parents, it’s only a matter of months until Avery’s shot at college is gone, and she’s living in a cardboard box. Other students have their families to rely on when things get bad. Avery has no one.

But there’s one option, one incredibly sexy, morally devoid, option. If Avery takes a job as a call girl, one guy could save her. One client. One time. She just has to say yes.

arrangementBOOK 1-10: The Arrangement   1 STAR

While I loved her Damaged series… this series just went down hill fast… and the reason I’m rating these 10 book as a whole is because honestly they shouldn’t have been 10 books… something I complain about on my post Money Hungry Hoes… while the first few books were rather good the problem is that by the time the story gets going it suddenly ends… and the way it goes it’s like she wrote a book and then chopped it up into a few short chapters… I’m a really slow reader and I blazed through the first 4 books within a few hours… and those were really good… but after the first 4 it’s like she was just trying to stretch out the story and it went completely ridiculous… normally in a series that suddenly end up with a few bad books I would still recommend reading the first few because normally one book on it’s own is a full story… the action they get into in one is completed by the end even if there is other stuff that can continue on in the series… but this one is like the same endless problem that just keeps going… they’ll be arguing at the end of one book and then walk out the door and the next book starts with them right outside the door continuing that argument… and book 10 wasn’t even the end of the series but after a while I just figured these were a lost cause and it wasn’t worth wasting more money to see if they get better… books 5-10 were awful… the story doesn’t really even make sense any more… it gets too far fetched and Avery is basically too stupid to live… she was supposed to be so smart in the beginning and then at every turn she does the dumbest thing she can think of… the “bad guy” is unrealistic… and the guy that should’ve been the “bad guy” kind of disappears and by the time he shows up again it’s like why wasn’t he the one all along? why is there all the problems from all angles for a girl who is basically just trying to make her way through college… like I said the story just gets stretched out and there’s no real completion in any of the books… so read her Damaged series because it was great but I’d recommend just staying away from this one…